10 May

A Better Bird Play Tent

Author: Stanley
Bird Play Tent

Small Bird Play Tent

A bird’s cage is a place where our parrots and other exotic birds spend a vast amount of their time, while living with us in our homes.  We provide our pet companions with food and water, also cage accessories, like  perches to stand and climb on, toys to play with, and swings to swing on.

Another thing that evolved for use in the bird cage is the bird tent. One may wonder why a parrot needs a “tent” in his or her  cage, but if your study parrot behavior a bit, it makes a lot of sense.  Some birds feel more secure than others in their cages, but the tent helps provide an additional layer of protection, maybe only in the bird’s mind, but its a cozy place where they can hide  play, or sleep.

They used to be fabric tents that could be hung in the cage at a strategic place for easy access. The only problem being, the floor becomes covered with droppings and needs to be removed often for cleaning.  Now, there are  new options that offers the security of the tent, without the messy droppings on the fabric floor, these new options are called “perch tents”  If this interests you, check out these, and other Bird Play Tents Here.


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