24 Sep

The Challenge Of A Stimulating Parrot Toy

Author: Stanley

Pepita Bird ToyTo those of us that live with a parrot or with multiple parrots, it comes as no surprise that bird toys enhance the lives of our feathered friends. One thing that we have learned about keeping these wonderful creatures as pets,  is that no two parrots are alike when comes to their preference for any given bird toy at any given time.

The most important factor that makes a toy a success for a particular parrot is whether or not it is mentally stimulating. Parrot toys are made from a wide variety of materials, colors, shapes and come in many different sizes.

What does it take to make a Stimulating Parrot Toy, that will entertain a  bored parrot for hours on end?  The only way to know for sure, is to experiment with many different toys, in different shapes, sizes, textures,and colors.  You can make your own simple toys out of common household items such as an old paper towel roll, or you can buy an elaborate toy from a retailer, such as a foraging bird toy made from natural materials found in nature.

Let your bird tell you which choices make a Stimulating Bird Toy for him, and go from there. Don’t stop at just one toy, rotate his toys on a regular basis with new ones to keep his interest level up, because parrots are just like children , they get tired of the same thing all the time, and need new challenges to keep them active.

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